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Online Forms

Below are some of the most commonly utilized forms. For your convenience, many are PDF fillable format.

Affordable Housing Application
Alarm Registration
Annual Pet License Application
Bingo License Application
Certified Copy of a Vital Record
Civil Union Application 
Construct/Alter an Individual Subsurface Sewage Disposal System Permit Application
Construction Records Clearance Application
Employment Application - Police Department
Farmland Assessment Application
Final Major Subdivision Plats and Final Major Site Plans Checklist
Food Establishment License Application - Permanent
Food Truck Permit Application 
Hold Harmless Agreement
Informal Plat for Minor and Major Subdivisions and Site Plans Checklist
Land Development Application
Landlord Registration Form 
Large Event Information and Application Packet - EVENT ORGANIZER
Large Event Information and Application Packet - VENDOR
Lot Development Application
Marriage License Application
Minor Subdivision Plats and Minor Site Plans Checklist
Open Flame Permit Application
OPRA Request
Overnight Parking Permit Application
Parking Permit Application
Preliminary Major Subdivision Plats and Preliminary Major Site Plans Checklist
Property Search Request Form - 200' Radius
Raffle License Application
Smoke Detector-Carbon Monoxide Detector Certificate Application
Sanitary Sewer Connection
Sign Application - Temporary Freestanding Sign
Sign Application - Temporary Public Purpose Event Sign - Off Site
Sign Application - On Site Temporary Non-Commercial
Special Use Permit Application
Street Excavation Permit Application
Temporary Food Establishment Permit Application
Temporary Handicap Placard Application
Tent/Canopy Permit Application
Tree Removal Permit Application
UCC Building Subcode Tech Card
UCC Construction Permit Jacket Forms
UCC Electrical Subcode Tech Card
UCC Fire Protection Subcode Tech Card
UCC Plumbing Subcode Tech Card
Use of the J. Malcolm Belcher Fairgrounds Permit Application
Use of the Municipal Building Permit Application
Use or Occupancy Change Application
Vote by Mail-In Ballot Application
Voter Registration Application
VPH28-Certificate of Exemption from Rabies Vaccination
Well Permit Application-Construct/Alter
Zoning Permit Application