Borough of Far Hills
Veterans Day Ceremony
November 11, 2021 - 9:00 a.m.

Distinguished veterans, neighbors and friends, a very good morning and welcome to this Veterans Day Ceremony.

This is a day that honors our veterans, a day to remember their sacrifices and the courage it takes to defend honor, duty and country. Originally termed Armistice Day to honor those who fought in WWI, Veterans Day has become a day that honors all veterans from every war and conflict in which the United States and its sons and daughters have been involved.

As we stand aside this monument, let us remember that we are here to honor those heroes here at home and across this great country for their achievements, courage and dedication, and to say thank you to them and to their families who have watched their fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters leave behind all that they love so that they may defend and protect all that we love!

To those veterans here with us today and to those who are unable to be with us, you are the true patriots who have put your love of country ahead of your own well-being. You have defended the freedoms that we hold so dear, freedoms which are the fundamentals of a free society despite being under attack today from many in our own country. It is a society that will always stand as the shinning beacon of freedom around the world. The United States is a country that people from around the world want to come to, and it is now incumbent on our younger generation to realize the blessings they have and to unify in defense of our great land.

The service members who are here today and whom we honor come from all walks of life but share several fundamental qualities. They possess courage, pride, determination and dedication to duty and integrity. These generations of soldiers have never asked what can I take from this country but rather what can I give. Many are ordinary people who have responded in extraordinary ways in extreme and difficult locations around the world.

Today, citizens around our great country will gather to honor and pay tribute to those who have served. Our gathering here this morning, is just one small spark in the flame of pride that burns across the United States that you, our veterans have and continue to defend. On behalf of the Borough of Far Hills and its residents, we say thank you.

Now, as has been customary, I would ask each of you here today to acknowledge someone who is dear to you that has or is making the sacrifice to defend our country.

I want to acknowledge the Far Hills Police Department and the Far Hills Bedminster Fire Department for all they do to make this day special, we are grateful.

Thank you all for attending the Veterans Day Ceremony this morning. God bless you and the United States of America.

Paul J. Vallone MD
Borough of Far Hills