Due to COVID-19 Crisis, the July 7 Primary Will Be Conducted Primarily by Mail

In preparation for the July 7th Democratic and Republican Primaries, the Somerset County Clerk’s Office is sending out Vote By Mail ballots to every registered Democrat and Republican. The ballots will begin arriving in mailboxes this weekend in large envelopes with a bright red stripe proclaiming “Official Ballot Enclosed.”



“Keep on the lookout for these official ballots and don’t throw your vote away,” said Somerset County Clerk Steve Peter. “Because of  COVID-19, the best way to vote in the 2020 primary is with the ballot that’s coming soon to your mailbox.“

Unaffiliated voters, those who are not affiliated with a political party, will receive a Vote By Mail application. If they wish to declare a party affiliation and receive their ballot by mail, they must return the application by June 30. Voters can also obtain a ballot in person at the County Clerk’s office in Somerville until 8 p.m. on July 7th, election day.

Voters will only be able to vote at polling places using provisional paper ballots on election day, and are encouraged instead to take advantage of the ballots mailed directly to their address of record.

 Voters requiring additional support can contact the Clerk’s office at (908) 231-7013 or use an ADA compliant voting device at a polling place.